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A Morbid Taste for Bones, Ellis Peter Pretty good light mystery.

How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously, Jerrold Mundis

Italian Step by Step, Charles Berlitz

Anasi Boys, Neil Gaiman This was really good! I had read American Gods which introduces Anasi but Anasi Boys stands well on it's own. I listened to the audio version, the narrator was fabulous! He did all the different voices, it was like meeting the characters.


Inkheart, Cornellia Funk Juvenile fiction is something I really enjoy. Inkheart introduces a fresh concept, what if the characters in the books you read could come in to your world when you read the book aloud? What if you could not choose which characters came out of the book? What if you could not send them back?

Inkspell, Cornellia Funk

The Princes in the Tower, Alison Weir

The Myth of Self-Esteem, Ester Rasband

Fascinating Womanhood, Helen Andelin

I first saw Fascinating Womanhood discussed on an Christian Homemaking blog, most people who read it seem to think very highly of it. I heard that the author was LDS and began to think I might look at it some time.

One day I came home and found a copy it sitting on my desk. It gave me a weird feeling, like it was familiar and should be there but since I did not buy it, it could not be there. It turned out my friend Amy bought it for me at the DAV and dropped it off while I was out.


I have only read the first chapter so far.


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