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Beatiful Art

Where ever she lived my Grandmother always the same picture on her wall. It was of a little girl leaning on a chair. On the seat of the chair were a couple of cherries.

Grandma showed me that no matter where I stood in the room the little girl was looking at me.

I always wondered who the artist was. I had a fair grasp on art history but no clue who did this painting.

Finally a google search, (painting girl chair cherries) lead me to the name of the artist, William Bouguereau and eventually to Art Renewal, where I learned why my art classes had never mentioned this brilliant and once celebrated artist.

He had a huge body of work, including “The Seashell,” which serves as my banner. I had to crop it to make it fit, but below is the entire picture.

I think it is so beautiful, the people look so lifelike, not stiff and posed but really living.


The name of my grandmother’s picture was “Yvonne.” It turned out that 60 years ago Grandma had given a copy of it to her sister. When they held my great aunt’s estate sale a few months back my mother purchased it for me. One of my clients matted and a gave her a new frame, in exchange for my fixing his printer, and now she is watching me while I type. 🙂 Everything is acid free now so maybe she will be around for another 60 years.



Here is Yvonne. (please ignore the icky wall, someday it will get fixed, but not today.)