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New Years Resolutions

I usually don’t even write my New Years Resolutions down. I seem to go over and over the same things year after year and make very little headway, stuck in a continuous rut of inadequacy.

This year am trying to be a little more structured and actually make a list, develope a plan, and try to revisit it now and then to see how we are going.

The first thing on the list in to be more responsable with my money. I hate to think of all the money I spend foolishly. Loml and I discussed it last night and are agreed that we are going to be much more careful about our discertionary spending. Having made that deciscion what do you suppose the first thing he asks me to do today was….

…run to Walmart and pickup a couple things he needed.

Send me into Walmart to pick up two things! Who does he think he is kidding. I have to go through the whole store, looking to see if there is something there that I want need. Some bargin that I can not pass up. If I don’t buy it now it will not be there later, and it eats at me to pass up a good deal. I really could go broke saving money. I have a hard time getting out of there without laying down at least $60.

To make things even more difficult I had to take Coder with me. A little begging “Buy me, buy me!” machine pushing the cart into my heels throughout the store.

A disaster in the making!

…but somehow it all worked out. I walked  into the store, bought batteries for Loml’s watch, some herbal supplements he was out of, allowed Coder to buy one magazine at the checkout and we were done.

Yea for me! I feel so GOOD! (I even called Loml at work so I could brag on myself.)


Welcome Baby Candu

My beautiful grandchild Baby Candu arrive in mid December. At a healthy 8lbs 9oz he is absolutely lovely. Congrats to my son and his sweet wife!