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Counting Down

Tomorrow I go for chemo. After that I have just one more treatment and then I am done until/unless it comes back again.

Treatment has been pretty easy.  I feel good most of the time. The side effects I had were things I can live with. If everyone who does weekly taxol get off as easy as I did it a pretty impressive treatment.

Next I have tests. Lots and lots of tests every 3 months, but I do not think they will line up right, so it might be more like a pelvic and a consultation next week, a CT scan in June and an MRI in August. Then we repeat the whole thing every three months over and over again, for the next two years. After that the tests are done less often, which I find a little scary, but maybe something will change by then so I am not going to try not lose any sleep over it.

Even though most of the time I feel really good.  I still have moments where I feel that I am doomed, that the cancer is going to come back and next time it will kill me. Sadly it is always a possibility. I do not know if I will ever feel safe again, or even if I should. Angiosarcoma is an awful cancer. It almost always comes back. I have found maybe 3 people who have survived their diagnosis over 5 years.

I have done every thing that can be done and now I have to simply wait and see what happens.