Now moved to it’s own page: A list of things that over years I have found to be either: something I just plain like; the most economical; or of such good quality to truely be worth the price.

The Best Place to Buy Ink
For several years I have bought my ink here. I have never had a problem with a cartridge and they are very inexpensive.

Cordless Screw Driver
Milwaukee Screwdriver
A company I used to work for had these and they are GREAT!

When I changed jobs the new place used a cheap $15 model from somewhere else, so I bought my own.

When I quit my job and started my business I was so glad that I had the best screwdriver I could get.

The Best Toothbrush
Orawave 2 Minute Toothbrush

I was just freaked when I needed to replace mine and could not find one!

After 2 Months with another toothbrush they are at Walmart again. Whew!

The Best Ice Cream from a Grocery Store
Blue Bunny Super Chunky Cookie Dough

This was originally a limited addition flavor. I mean, REALLY, who wants limited addition ice cream? You fall in love with it and it is gone. I was digging through freezers in every store in town hoping that there was!

Thankfully the Blue Bunny people must have cameras in the freezers or something, ’cause the Super Chunky Cookie Dough is back and I am very happy, even if my clothes just don’t seem to fit the way they should.

The Best Ice Cream Store
Whitey’s Ice Cream
Always a treat!

The Best Toilet Paper
Scott Toilet Tissue

Back when all the kids were still at home we would go through at least a roll a day. I would stand in front of the wall of toilet paper forever trying to figure out which one was the best value. Scott really does last longer then any other brand I have ever used and saves me time picking what kind to buy. The only down side was convincing Loml that he should give up his precious White Cloud, but he was won over in the end.

The Best Word Processor
Yeah Write

While much more basic then Word, Yeah Write has organizational features that I love. One of the fan mail letters on the site is mine.

The Best Web Comic
Sluggy Freelance

I read alot of comics and Sluggy is one of my favorites.
The Best Apron
Kitchen Wears
Does this apron make me look fat?

Yes it does, but it is the best apron I have ever had, so I don’t care. (I know, if I ate less of the Blue Bunny Ice Cream, this would not be a problem.)

The Best PDA

Treo 650

I have been using a PDA for about 5 years. It has really helped keep me organized.

The 650 is what I am currently using.

The Best Free Online Puzzle Games
Superseeds at Garfield Games


How much time can one woman waste?

The Best Talk Radio Show
Bill Bennett’s Morning in America

Cultured, gracious, intelligent, conservative, the best way to start the day.

That all for now, but I will add more when I think of them.


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