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I Have Slipped

I am embarrassed to admit that I have slipped.

All the work I had done on cleaning and organizing the house has come undone and the place is a mess…again.

I was so proud of the progress I had made. I do not think I have ever felt so positive. I really thought I had solved the problem for good.

The dinning room was lovely and I was keeping fresh flowers on the table. Now everytime I see a bouquet of flower I am mortified to think that I let it all go.

I have been asking myself what happened.

Was it because Sissy and Coder are out school? They really are high maintenance, and continually are doing things that remind why I do not home school anymore. (that’s another thing that makes me sad)

Maybe it was because my friend Mrs. Woods has needed me so much more this summer. Her other helpers have been vacationing off and on so I have done a lot more work for her then I usually do.

Or is it that my business has really been booming the last two months. Between what I make from Mrs. Woods and what I bring in myself, things definitely looking up financially.

Whatever the cause the result is the same…the house is a wreck. Now I have to start all over and I am once more asking myself whether or not anyone who is “organizationally dysfunctional,” really conquer these problems, or am I doomed to faill again and again and again….


To anyone who is still reading,

To anyone who is still reading,

I have had an incredibly busy couple of weeks, starting with a hard drive crash. I am finally back up but it was a pain. I had backed up 90% of what I needed so it could have been worse.

I have been very busy with my little computer business and helping my friend from church. She has always had a pool of people to fill in but this summer several of them moved away and those that were left went on vacation. We looked around and found that the only one left who was trained to do the work was me! 🙂

This week the vacationing slackers are back so I will be able to get more done here at home and post once in a while.

The upside was that I made enough money to make a decent dent in my bills.

Yea me!