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Giving a Gift

I have mentioned my friend Mrs. Woods in a couple of posts. She has been physically disabled since she was a small child. Knowing her has changed me. I do not pity her, I admire her. She has many the of qualities I strive for in my own life, she is bright and funny, she is good and kind, she is brave, she has a deep faith in the Lord, she is so cheerful in face of adversity that she makes it look easy, and while I fervently hope to never have to endure what she has, I know by her example that it can be done, and done with joy.

I was thinking of her when I saw this entry in the World Vision Gift Catalog and realized what a blessing her wheelchair has been for her. Without it she would be completely bedridden, she does not have the strength to drag herself on the ground has some people in more difficult circumstances must. Her wheelchair has enabled her to enjoy a greater quality of life then she would otherwise. When I saw that I could help give the gift of this indepenance to someone else only for $14, I was amazed!

On our income I sometimes feel that there is very little I can do finacially that will have an impact, being able to do this is awesome!