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Here is the promised Disney post.

We had such a great time. We left here right in front of the biggest snow storm of the year. I think they shut the airport right after we left.

I found out going through security, that my drivers license was expired. Apparently women from Iowa with expired licenses are very dangerous characters. I was pulled out and patted down for extra security.

I had worried about Sissy being scared on the plane but she was a real trouper.

We arrived in Florida and went pick up the rental car. They won’t let you get a car with an expired license, but we finally worked it out by putting the car in Loml’s name.

The hotel was great, two bedrooms a living room and a kitchen and dining area. Having all that space was wonderful.

Typically we of course overslept the first night and had to really scramble that morning. Ate a quick breakfast at the hotel and were off to the Magic Kingdom.

We had borrowed my mother’s GPS, boy was that a big help getting around. All but the one time that it bypassed the toll both for parking at Disney. We had a heck of a time finding our way back!

Once we arrived at the Magic Kingdom, we were nearly over whelmed, I had everything plotted out as to where we went first and what we did every minute but is was just too much to keep everyone on the same page. So we went freestyle after all and two weeks of scheduling went out the window.


First we met Mary Poppins, a real treat for Sissy, she wore out two copies of the movie when she was little. For Sissy all of these people are very real. Watching her talk with Mary Poppins was such a thrill to me. I nearly cried.

PhotobucketI had bought her a book with pictures of Disney characters and we had everyone sign by their picture. This way she has a lasting souvenir of the their meeting.


Chip and Dale dumped glitter on Sissy’s head.


and then ushered us in for a wonderful day in the Magic Kingdom!


It Just Never Ends

We are back from the fabulous Florida trip. I promise more on that in the next couple of days along with great pictures.

Today I went to have scans done and a port put into my chest, to make chemo easier. The port went great, not nearly as bad as I had feared. Isn’t that how it usually goes, anticipating is the worst part.

Then the doctor came in with the scan results and told me I have a blood clot in my lung, only he said a pulmonary embolism and my first thought was that I had an air embolism from my scuba diving at Epcot. I was just sick to my stomach thinking that if Loml found out, would never let me go diving again, but it is a blood clot, not air and has nothing to do with diving. (whew!)

They put me on a blood thinner. I have to give myself (or get Loml to do it,) shots everyday for six months! I hate needles! I was almost crying at the thought of it and the unfairness of the entire situation. One of the nurses hugged me and told me how she knew I could do it. I’ll bet they say that to everyone, but it helps a bit.

Loml and I go back tomorrow to learn how to do give the shots.

I am so sick of this!

Disney Trip Part 1

We left this afternoon just ahead of one of the heaviest snow storms we have had in a long time.

I found out what the TSA will do to you if you try to board a plane with an expired drivers license. Take my word for it, it ain’t pretty.

Sissy was great on the plane! Both the kids were very well behaved. The incedent with the lost glasses though, scared me for a bit, but it turned out okay.

I found out what happens when you  try to pick up your rental car on an expired license. Also not pretty, but okay in the end.

Our hotel is awesome. We have a two bed room suite. I made spaghetti for supper. I was too tired and it was so late I just did not want to go out. When I say made spaghetti I mean I boiled watter, added noodles and heated sauce. I am too I tired to do anything more.

I have called home and gloated to all my friends in the frozen north.

Now I am off for bed, the Magic Kingdom awaits.