I am the daughter of a King. He has given me charge over a kingdom. The land I rule may not seem large or powerful, but the consequences of the choices I make in governing it will echo through the ages.

I will seek my Father’s wisdom, blessings, and protection through studying His Gospel and in prayer. I will listen when He speaks to me. I will follow the rules He has set forth. His messages and commandments will always be be my beacon lest I should stray from His paths and be lost in darkness.

I will be mindful that my home is holy and I will respect it and maintain it that it will ever be a welcoming place for friends and strangers alike. I will show the same hospitality to the representitives of my Father that I would show to Him.

I will not be wasteful, but will exercise good stewardship over all the resources I have been given. I will endevor to increase my fortune rather then to squander it. I will return one tenth of all I gain to my Father and acknowlege that all I have came from Him.

I will remember that my husband is also the child of a King. I will show him the respect he deserves. I will heed his council. I will be mindful that I chose him above all others, that he loves me and keeps the best interests of this kingdom foremost in all his decisions.

I must raise my children to recognize their royal heritage so that they may exercise wisdom in the choices they make. One day they will reign over kingdoms of their own and they must do so righteously, always mindful of the one King who has given us everything.


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