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I am Feeling Poetic Today (and angry)

Good Bye to an Old Friend

I am hurt
and I am angry

I hate watching
all the pain you’ve caused
I know my own must be the least
but in my heart it hurts the worst

and you uncaring continue on
crushing the hearts you tread upon
casting old loves and friends aside
for something new that’s caught your eye

’til the only consolation left,
for me, and all those who loved you,
is that this time you are really leaving
and at last we can begin to try to forget you
and start to fill the empty space you have left behind


Big Changes

For the last couple years I have working about an hour a day for Mrs. Woods and filling is as her personal assistent when ever anyone goes on vacation, has a family emergancy or what ever.

Next couple of  weeks I was sheduled to fill in several days for a Bea, who is going to Hawaii, but now we have found out that the other woman has developed health problem and has to quit. I have been asked to replace her ongoing. It is only about 20 hours a week, the pay is good, I know the job and Mrs. Woods is a doll, so I am going to take it.

It will mean a regular check every week, instead of wondering whether or not I will get enough service calls to cover what ever Loml’s check does not.

I can still work both my computer business and the book store. I won’t be able to take any of the big corporate jobs that have been my bread and butter this year, but they are not steady, and I never have any idea from one week to the next what I will be doing, so that is okay. I will just keep my personal clients. Any money I make from either business will be above and beyound what we need, so we will be able to start saving instead of just getting by.

I feel good about this, very blessed.

An Offering of Poetry

With the cool weather we are having, I thought I would share a poem with you to welcome the autumn season.

It is one of my favorites, I would love to hear what you think of it.

Autumn Storm

Thunder dancing ‘cross the sky
With Lighting for her partner.
Raindrops for the rhythm
And the wind the melody
As leaves, orange red and gold,
Take off to accompany
The dancers in their flight.

©Pam La Rose 1977
Please do not use without permission

How to Get a Child to Go to Bed

Tell her there is a big hairy spider behind her on the couch. 🙂

Sissy is too big for me to physically pick up and put to bed, but she still needs to go at a reasonable hour so tonight after begging, pleading and threatening, I told her (with a great deal of drama, shreaking and pointing) that there was a big hairy spider behind her.

She doubted it very much but not enough to stay where she was.

Nature has been a big help to me, Sissy will not leave the house after dark because she is convinced that there are raccoons out there waiting to attack any one little (Sissy is really tiny) who walks out the door.

Works for me. 🙂

Giving a Gift

I have mentioned my friend Mrs. Woods in a couple of posts. She has been physically disabled since she was a small child. Knowing her has changed me. I do not pity her, I admire her. She has many the of qualities I strive for in my own life, she is bright and funny, she is good and kind, she is brave, she has a deep faith in the Lord, she is so cheerful in face of adversity that she makes it look easy, and while I fervently hope to never have to endure what she has, I know by her example that it can be done, and done with joy.

I was thinking of her when I saw this entry in the World Vision Gift Catalog and realized what a blessing her wheelchair has been for her. Without it she would be completely bedridden, she does not have the strength to drag herself on the ground has some people in more difficult circumstances must. Her wheelchair has enabled her to enjoy a greater quality of life then she would otherwise. When I saw that I could help give the gift of this indepenance to someone else only for $14, I was amazed!

On our income I sometimes feel that there is very little I can do finacially that will have an impact, being able to do this is awesome!