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10, 9, 8,…

TEN random things you might not know about me.
These are hard to come up with, I am such an open book.

  1. I am a certified scuba diver
  2. I spent much of my childhood overseas
  3. When I was little I almost fell off the tower of Pisa, and nearly gave my father a heart attack.
  4. I spent my 26 birthday locked in a bathroom in San Deigo
  5. As I am writing this I am simultaneously fixing a computer on the other side of town
  6. I know how to lay mines 🙂
  7. I once wanted to raise goats
  8. I am over that now
  9. I know now how to run one of those old plug type switchboards
  10. La Buffana visits my house every year

NINE places I’ve visited
Only nine!

  1. Italy
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. Switzerland
  5. The Vatican
  6. Monaco
  7. The Philippines
  8. Mexico
  9. Canada

EIGHT ways to win my heart

  1. Be kind
  2. Be respectful
  3. Have fun
  4. Enjoy learning
  5. Love my children
  6. Show me you love me
  7. Make an effort to try the things I enjoy
  8. Be patient with me

SEVEN things I want to do before I die

  1. Visit Italy one more time
  2. See all my children grown
  3. Make one more scuba trip
  4. Finish my writing projects, at least one of them 🙂
  5. Become more fit
  6. Become the best person I can be
  7. Be better organized

SIX things I’m afraid of
I am not afraid of very many things, most of these are more things, that are creepy or that I choose to avoid because they make me uncomfortable.

  1. Escalators (okay, I know it is irrational, but these really are scary.)
  2. Dark Water
  3. Bad Dreams
  4. June Bugs
  5. The Screaming Skull
  6. A couple of books I should not have read

FIVE things I don't like

  1. Hatefulness
  2. Creepy-crawlies with too many or too few legs
  3. Cruelty
  4. Deceitfulness
  5. When my children are difficult

FOUR ways to turn me off

  1. Be vulgar or crude
  2. Be dismissive of my ideas and beliefs
  3. Bad manners
  4. Use the term “Shut up”

THREE Things I do everyday
Maybe there should be a list of things I should do everyday

  1. Tell my husband I love him
  2. Kiss my children, at least those who are still at home
  3. Pray

TWO things that make me happy

  1. My Family
  2. The Gospel

ONE thing on my mind right now

  1. I am tired

Why Does Popcorn Come Out of My Ice Dispenser? And Other Mysteries of Life

Mystery #1
Why Does Popcorn Come Out of My Ice Dispenser?

The new refrigerator has ice and water in the door. When I got an glass of ice water the other day several pieces of popcorn dropped into my glass along with the ice. I checked out everything I could find and saw no more popcorn, but  it happened again three days later.

Mystery #2
Who colored on the dog with permanent marker?

This has happened before. Someone once colored Molly, my bichon, blue with a water soluble maker. This time Lady Bug, the Jack Russell was the victim, someone played connect the dots with a black permanent marker.

Mystery #3
If something is small enough to fit down the drain in the bathroom sink, does it really have to go down there?

I choose what brand of toothpaste to buy based on whether or not the cap will fit down the sink.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil… Isa. 5:20

After years of resistance I finally gave up R rated movies, and feel very good about the decision to do so. Even the ones that I did not think were that bad were certainly not worth polluting my mind with. I also watch very little television anymore, there is little there that is worth while and I think much of what is there probably pornography for potential serial killers.

To the Best of Our Knowledge on Wisconsin Public Radio aired a segment on what makes a classic. In it author Michael Cunningham said, "I think any work of art that doesn't feel dangous to a certain segment of the population, probably isnt really a great work of art."

I personally feel if there is something that feels dangerous and makes me uncomfortable I need to turn away from it! Those feelings are given to us for a reason.

I am trying to live up to the standards set forth in the 13th Article of Faith and seek those things that are "…virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy…" and am sure I will be a better person for my efforts.

Has the World Gone Mad?

I read this post today, among the comments to a news article about a young man in Belgium who was murdered for his ipod,

"if some one needs anything, better try to fulfill the need, but it is difficult, i have many books, would i give one away, no. If he then kills me and takes the book, is it his fault, no. I think its my own fault."

Way to blame the victim! And since when is a an ipod a need?

The Best of The Best

A list of things that over years I have found to be either: something I just plian like;
the most economical; or of such good quality to truely be worth the price.

The Best Place to Buy Ink
For several years I have bought my ink here. I have never had a problem with a cartridge and they are very inexpensive.

Cordless Screw Driver
Milwaukee Screwdriver
A company I used to work for had these and they are GREAT!

When I changed jobs the new place used a cheap $15 model from somewhere else, so I bought my own.

When I quit my job and started my business I was so glad that I had the best screwdriver I could get.

The Best Toothbrush
Orawave 2 Minute Toothbrush

I was just freaked when I needed to replace mine and could not find one!

After 2 Months with another toothbrush they are at Walmart again. Whew!

The Best Ice Cream from a Grocery Store
Blue Bunny Super Chunky Cookie Dough

This was originally a limited addition flavor. I mean, REALLY, who wants limited addition ice cream? You fall in love with it and it is gone. I was digging through freezers in every store in town hoping that there was!

Thankfully the Blue Bunny people must have cameras in the freezers or something, ’cause the Super Chunky Cookie Dough is back and I am very happy, even if my clothes just don’t seem to fit the way they should.

The Best Ice Cream Store
Whitey’s Ice Cream
Always a treat!

The Best Toilet Paper
Scott Toilet Tissue

Back when all the kids were still at home we would go through at least a roll a day. I would stand in front of the wall of toilet paper forever trying to figure out which one was the best value. Scott really does last longer then any other brand I have ever used and saves me time picking what kind to buy. The only down side was convincing Loml that he should give up his precious White Cloud, but he was won over in the end.

The Best Word Processor
Yeah Write

While much more basic then Word, Yeah Write has organizational features that I love. One of the fan mail letters on the site is mine.

The Best Web Comic
Sluggy Freelance

I read alot of comics and Sluggy is one of my favorites.
The Best Apron
Kitchen Wears
Does this apron make me look fat?

Yes it does, but it is the best apron I have ever had, so I don’t care.

(I know, if I ate less of the Blue Bunny Ice Cream, this would not be a problem.)

The Best PDA

Treo 650

I have been using a PDA for about 5 years. It has really helped keep me organized.

The 650 is what I am currently using.

The Best Free Online Puzzle Games
Superseeds at Garfield Games


How much time can one woman waste?

The Best Talk Radio Show
Bill Bennett’s Morning in America

Cultured, gracious, intelligent, conservative, the best way to start the day.

That all for now, but I will add more when I think of them.

Am I the only one this stuff happens to?

The following is a true story only the names have been changed to add to the confusion.

I ran into a woman in the grocery store yesterday,

She comes up to me and for a moment I thought she was going to hug me, but she just put a friendly hand on my arm, and said, "Hi! How are you? Sue, right?"

I answered "No," and corrected her on the name, at this point people usually realize they have mistaken me for Sue, who ever she is, she must look just like me, 'cause she I get this ALL the time! Once my father saw her out somewhere and he thought she was me! I have never meet her but I always wonder if people that know me walk up to her and just start talking to her thinking she is me.

But the woman in the store still thinks she knows me, and tells me she is Jane Smith. "Great," I think "I not only feel stupid, I must look stupid too! Jane Smith, who is Jane Smith?"

She then starts telling me all the things her son has been up to, at least I think he was her son, maybe she was talking about her husband.

I give her a run down on each of my kids, but all the time I am thinking "Who the heck is this woman??," and we finally part ways.

I still have NO CLUE who she is! I was scared she was one of my clients but I have gone through my address book and cant find her, maybe someone from the homeschool group I used to belong to, the mother of a friend of one of the boys…, I just have no idea.

Maybe she is really someone Sue knows very casually and she is going to be very confused the next time they run into each other.

Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

Buy at
Mouse Behind Bars

This school year has been a bit of a shock for Sissy. Okay, maybe more of a shock for me. Nothing seems to really phase Sissy.

In the past she has always been one of the higher functioning kids in her class, but in high school this has not been the case. Where Sissy is, maturity wise, on a five or six year old level, most of the other kids in her class are operating at 12, it is perpetual junior high in there.

Lately they seem to have banded together in a little special-ed goth click. There is something disturbing about seeing these sweet young people become what they think the world is telling them to be.

Many of these kids have known her since grade school but now they are constantly make mean comments to her and about her. I know because they do it right in front of me. Their teacher tries to keep things under control, I don’t think they would do it in front of her, but because they do not see me has having any power (and I don’t) they make all the snide little comments and jokes they want.

When I was younger, before mental disabilities became part of my everyday life, I enjoyed a book called “Flowers for Algernon.” This whole situation reminds me of Charley and how he thought his coworkers were his friends but really he was always the butt of the joke and just did not know it.

I realize that this is bothering me more then anyone else. It all goes right over Sissy’s head, she is clueless and perhaps that is a blessing.