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and…the Cancer is Back

This sucks, huh? I really wanted to beat this with no

I have a tumor near the original location and mets in
my lungs. I started avasten and taxotire last night
along with lots  of pain meds.

I was in the hospital addressing the kidney problem when they found the cancer. The nefrostomy (put a tube through my back tp drain the kidney, likely to always have one now.) they performed does not seem to be a big deal now,

They do not think surgery is an option. I think
because it would be very tough involve a long recovery
and initially the loss and later reconstruction of
some important parts of me, with little hope for
stopping the cancer from ever coming back in that
area. I now see why retropereteneal is so bad. The
mass is 1/2 the size of the original and I was in
agony most of the week. (I guess if I had not had the
lung mets surgery was the way to go.)

I may not lose my hair this time, but I have lots of great wigs if I need them, One if the things that really ticks me off is that I can’t drive now. (too much pain medication. Mrs. Woods and I are trying to work out a way that I can still work for her even though I can’t drive. Bear may take over my computer support business, (what is ledt of it) I can no longer provide the quality of support that my clients need, One more thing to cry over.
I am doing okay, I wanted it to be different but I
knew this was the most likely outcome. I am sad and
disappointed but not completely surprised.