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When Did I Sign on for This?

Ask me about the counter top project…go ahead, ask me how is going.

Well, let me tell you…today I was once again reminded why I have very little that is worth owning.

I have spent days working my way up from little formica sample chips to a kitchen cart that had been headed for the Goodwill. Didn’t it look great?

I was starting to get really excited about doing the counters. I left the kitchen to give the cart time to dry.

When I went in a short while later disaster had struck. Coder (did I ever mention he is 14!) had decided to help me. He got a hold of my paint brush, sprayed it with an appliance cleaning/shining product that I use, till it was dripping, and painted it on the top of the cart, leaving it a sloppy mess with a deep 18 inch scratch! Of course he lied to me for 1/2 and hour before finally admitting what he had done. After all these years I am supposed to believe that these things occur spontaneously.

Loml thinks we can fix it, but I am so discouraged that I do not know if I even want to risk trying it with the counters now.

Once I cool off a little I may feel better about it but right now I am ready to give up on any home improvement projects.


I Have Slipped

I am embarrassed to admit that I have slipped.

All the work I had done on cleaning and organizing the house has come undone and the place is a mess…again.

I was so proud of the progress I had made. I do not think I have ever felt so positive. I really thought I had solved the problem for good.

The dinning room was lovely and I was keeping fresh flowers on the table. Now everytime I see a bouquet of flower I am mortified to think that I let it all go.

I have been asking myself what happened.

Was it because Sissy and Coder are out school? They really are high maintenance, and continually are doing things that remind why I do not home school anymore. (that’s another thing that makes me sad)

Maybe it was because my friend Mrs. Woods has needed me so much more this summer. Her other helpers have been vacationing off and on so I have done a lot more work for her then I usually do.

Or is it that my business has really been booming the last two months. Between what I make from Mrs. Woods and what I bring in myself, things definitely looking up financially.

Whatever the cause the result is the same…the house is a wreck. Now I have to start all over and I am once more asking myself whether or not anyone who is “organizationally dysfunctional,” really conquer these problems, or am I doomed to faill again and again and again….

Housekeeping Success

I have now kept my dining table cleared off for 2 1/2 months, that is a record for me. I am so proud of myself! My desk has been neat for 2 months and the dishes get done every night. For those of you who are organized this is nothing, but for me it is amazing.

I have tried so many times to get my house together. I have even pulled it off a couple of times but it never has lasted. I have read countless organizing books, and surfed to every homemaking web site I can find. I had begun to doubt that anyone ever pulled it off, not when their house was as bad has mine.

Then as I have said in another post, I realized that this is bigger then me, the care and upkeep of my home is a sacred thing, I went to the Highest Authority and asked for help, and He blessed me! It is slow going but it is coming along, one little piece at a time. Each success leads to another step, I just have to keep moving.

Garden Dreaming

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Lilacs by the Window
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It is beautiful day. The sun is shining and it is warm. I can hear the squirrels chattering outside the window. The first thing I thought was how they sound like spring. The next thought was that these are the little rotters I will be battling for everything I get out of my garden, along with their friend the groundhog next door. He wiped me out completely the last time I did any serious gardening. I may march over to the neighbors and bang on their door, “Are you still harboring that groundhog under your porch?” I hope the new people are less tolerant of him.

The garden is going to be pretty small. I just do not have the space for anything substantial. I am planning to plant potatoes above ground in straw, but of course after I bought everything, (I think I could have bought a twenty pound bag of potatoes for less and saved me the work,) Loml pointed out that after the first big wind, my potatoes will be laying bare on the ground and the whole block will be buried in straw. Why doesn’t he say this stuff before I spend the money?

I am also planting seedless grapes, I guess they will not self germinate. The grapes are what I think the squirrels will be going for. I wonder if a plastic will scare them off?

Other then that I am planting flowers, some peonies, a lilac bush and some bulbs. I would like to plant vegetables, but to be honest I am the only one who will even touch fresh vegetables and it would be a waste. I’ll just go to the farmers market instead.

I am just waiting on the weather now. It would be just like me to jump the gun and lose it all in a frost.

Most of the flowers are going to the side yard where I can see them from the dinning room window. I am planting them for me not for the people who speed down the hill.

I am especially looking forward to having lilacs. We had a lilac tree in the back yard of a place we lived when I was a girl. I used to take a book and spend the day sitting in the tree reading. I can not smell lilacs with out thinking of that tree. That house was converted to a business a few years ago. They ripped my old friend out by the roots to put in a parking area. I am sure no one will love the parking spot as much as I loved that tree.

The Basement

I do not have on of those great basements with a family room, I have a old scary, dark, dusty, full of cobwebs one with a very low ceiling. Creeps me out to go down there, but I have resolved to clean it up and make a useful space out of it. Not a family room, but at least a place I can take my kids during a tornado and still be comfortable, as comfortable as you can be in a creepy basement with two kids during a tornado.

I am friends with a couple that are both in wheelchairs. They are hardly ever in their basement, (it is in a hillside so they can get down there if they have to,) but if they need something that is in there they whip out a chart and show me right where is it. I want my basement to be like that.

So today Loml (Love of my life) and I started on it. We are starting at the top of the stairs and working our way down. I cleaned off two shelves and threw away stuff that has been sitting there taking up space since we moved in 9 years ago. Then we took all the junk that I need in the kitchen but have no place for, and the junk that he THINKS he needs in the kitchen but I don’t want there and put it on the shelves.

The things we are most likely to need are the closest to the door, this is probably an obvious thing to most people but for an organizationally disfunctional one like me learning that little trick was momentous!

Now if I manage to make use of whats in there and dust once in while it should stay nice.
I did not take any before pictures, but here is the after.

Basement Shelves

Next week, the stairs! 🙂

Look Ma, No Strings!

Look Ma, No Strings!

My perfect apron came today. I ordered it from Kitchenwears. It is very uniquiqe, it hangs closed at the back and has no strings. Now I can wear what ever I want and not worry about getting anything on it when I am working around the house.

Aprons have been out of favor for a long time, but they still very useful. In the past becuase clothing was much more expensive, a woman wore an apron most of the day, to protect her investment.

When my mother was a child she had only three sets of clothing, a school dress, play clothes and dress for sunday. She had to take care of them they were all she had. The closets here are overflowing. Most of it is second have or bought on clearance but it sure adds up.

We live in a time of such abundance that I think we do not always appreciate it. Even though we have plenty we should not be wasteful of it.

I am going to try to be more attentive to the things I have and make good use of all my resources.