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I am Feeling Poetic Today (and angry)

Good Bye to an Old Friend

I am hurt
and I am angry

I hate watching
all the pain you’ve caused
I know my own must be the least
but in my heart it hurts the worst

and you uncaring continue on
crushing the hearts you tread upon
casting old loves and friends aside
for something new that’s caught your eye

’til the only consolation left,
for me, and all those who loved you,
is that this time you are really leaving
and at last we can begin to try to forget you
and start to fill the empty space you have left behind


An Offering of Poetry

With the cool weather we are having, I thought I would share a poem with you to welcome the autumn season.

It is one of my favorites, I would love to hear what you think of it.

Autumn Storm

Thunder dancing ‘cross the sky
With Lighting for her partner.
Raindrops for the rhythm
And the wind the melody
As leaves, orange red and gold,
Take off to accompany
The dancers in their flight.

©Pam La Rose 1977
Please do not use without permission