The Time travelers Wife

I love to read, for information, for pleasure, for self improvement, fiction, nonfiction, almost any genre, I just love to read. I usually have a book with me just in case, and if for some reason I don’t, I have plenty of ebooks on my Palm.

Lately I have been listening to a lot of audio books as well, great for those busy days when I seem to living in my car.

Although I try to filter what I read according to my morals, values and religious beliefs, once in a while one slips through that I would not have read otherwise. I wish sometimes that they would make a PG version of some books for those of us who are sick of constant profanity and explicit sexual and violent content, at least in those books this where such things seem not even to be germane to the story and would not be missed.

The Time Traveler’s Wife is a book that I really wish that this could be done with. I enjoyed the story, I loved the characters, I really cared what happened to them, I cried with them, they were so real to me…but, for some reason the author chose to interlace this story with a great deal of profanity, including words that I, even in my wild days, (and they were very wild) would hesitate to speak aloud or even to think. I found it jarring to read these words over and over again, everytime they pulled me out of the story, reminding me how crude society is becoming. There was also one point where a someone comited an immoral act, that I concidered to be completely out of character. It did not affect the outcome of the story at all, it was just there.

I can not recomend it to any of my friends, most of them are even more senitive to this sort of thing then I am, having not experianced the wild days. I am actually concidering taking a bottle of white-out and going through the whole thing and making the profanity good away.


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