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Finally had the first of my 35 radiation treatments. The worst of it is the 45 min. drive up there, once we get to the clinic we are in and out in about 20 mins.

The Dr. believes I will experience some side effects, but not for a of couple weeks yet. I am going to keep working until something happens (hopefully it never does) that makes working too difficult.

Thanks go out to my son and daughter in law for watching the kids during this time. It is a BIG help to me and really cuts down on the stress. Maybe I can could get them to watch my parents also?

Mom and Dad drove me to treatment yesterday and my mom threw a screaming fit at my dad in the parking garage. It was embarrassing and nearly made us late. Mom was fussing at me as we were walking to the clinic, that we should have just gone straight to the door. I kept telling her we had plenty of time when we parked. Plenty of time until you wasted it all screaming at Dad for 10 minutes because he neglected to open your door for you! (but I did NOT say that.)


Beatiful Art

Where ever she lived my Grandmother always the same picture on her wall. It was of a little girl leaning on a chair. On the seat of the chair were a couple of cherries.

Grandma showed me that no matter where I stood in the room the little girl was looking at me.

I always wondered who the artist was. I had a fair grasp on art history but no clue who did this painting.

Finally a google search, (painting girl chair cherries) lead me to the name of the artist, William Bouguereau and eventually to Art Renewal, where I learned why my art classes had never mentioned this brilliant and once celebrated artist.

He had a huge body of work, including “The Seashell,” which serves as my banner. I had to crop it to make it fit, but below is the entire picture.

I think it is so beautiful, the people look so lifelike, not stiff and posed but really living.


The name of my grandmother’s picture was “Yvonne.” It turned out that 60 years ago Grandma had given a copy of it to her sister. When they held my great aunt’s estate sale a few months back my mother purchased it for me. One of my clients matted and a gave her a new frame, in exchange for my fixing his printer, and now she is watching me while I type. 🙂 Everything is acid free now so maybe she will be around for another 60 years.



Here is Yvonne. (please ignore the icky wall, someday it will get fixed, but not today.)

You May Have Lived in…

I was sending these to my sister today, about places we have lived. Italy was hard. I had to come a lot up of them myself so, they may apply mostly to us, but I thought I would share.You may have lived in Italy

Pasta, pasta, pasta everyday.

You know what a rice ball really tastes like.

It is impossible for you to talk with your hands in your pockets.

You ask “How much for cash?” when buying but will accept ‘gifts’ in exchange for cash when selling.

If everyone over the age of 55 was under 5′ 5″ and wore nothing but black

Your cheeks were always rosy from being pinched by little old ladies, “Que bella bambina”

When you were growing up, you thought that all wine was red and that it only came in gallon jugs (or really huge bottles in wicker baskets)

You considered the Volkswagen Beetle to be a medium-sized car.

You knew someone who wore a gold chain,cross and horn

You knew there were prizes in the chocolate Easter eggs

You knew that presents come from la Buffana too

Your mother had a big chunk of parmesan on top of the frige

You have ever met a shepherd

You learned to ride your bike on the veranda

You threw food off the veranda for the dog downstairs

…and the little old lady down there whacked him with a stick for eating food that the chickens should have.

You spent your vacation camping in the crater of an active volcano

…or throwing up on the ferry to Capri.

…or in a gondola

…or riding piggyback up the Tower of Pisa.

…or left in the car, sound asleep from taking Dramamine

There were angels looking down at you everywhere you went.

You so get this Italian Cartoon

Miracles Happen all the Time

Miracles happen all the time, but we only recognize the big ones. The little ones we usually dismiss as coincidences.

During WWII, in a little Wisconsin town a two boys contracted to dig a ditch for a new water main.

It was a hot day, and they had been digging all morning lengthening six foot deep ditch, when the local druggist walk over and peered into the trench.

“You boys have been working pretty hard,” he told them, “why don’t you take a little break and I will treat you each to a milk shake.”

He did not have to ask twice, two sweaty tired boys scrambled out and followed the druggist across the street to the soda fountain and the promised milk shakes.

They had just crossed the threshold of the drugstore when there was a loud “WHUMP!” that shook the ground. Stunned the three of them looked back at the to see that the ditch had collapsed.

If the druggist had not heeded his instincts and invited them to take a break, the two boys would have been be buried in a grave they had dug themselves.

I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for protecting the boys from peril that day and to the druggist for not hesitating in following the promptings he was given.

You see, one of those boys would become my father, and had things gone differently, the world would be short by at least the 16 souls that are descended from him.

Happy Fathers Day Dad and thank you for being you.

Thoughts on a Sunday

We took Sissy to camp yesterday. This is her first time at a sleep over camp.

She was very excited and while her cabin mates were sobbing and clinging to their parents, Sissy was practically pushing her dad and I into the car. She wanted us to go home and get out of her hair. Ungrateful little wretch!

On the way back we stopped at the cemetery where my father in law is buried. There is a lovely pond near the front gate and I noticed three children,ranging from 4 to 6 in age, playing there as we came in. There were no adults anywhere around. Just three little kids throwing rocks into the pond, chasing ducks, and climbing the waterfall. They were having so much fun. They held hands and wandered from grave to grave, one of them kneeling once in an attitude of prayer. After resting for a time in the shade of a tree they resumed their enjoyment of the pond.

But through it all, I feared for them, what if one of them fell into the pond, so we stayed watching at a distance. I called 911 and told them of my concerns, they told me they would send some one shortly, but no one ever came, I called again and was told that all officers were out on calls and one would be sent as soon as possible, after over half an hour had passed the children left the cemetery and joined up with some teenagers at a nearby apartment complex, they obviously knew one another, so I again called 911 and advised them that the children were no longer at the pond.

I seriously hope that this is not standard operation for our local police department. I would like to think that if my child were in danger that someone would make it a priority. I don’t see in the paper where we inundated with a crime wave or natural disaster Sunday, so I wonder what was given more priority then the life of a child.

Raspberries, a Goldfish Bowl and a Parakeet Ladder

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Raspberries, a Goldfish Bowl and a Parakeet Ladder, what do these items have in common? Read on and it all will become clear.

Now I like furry creatures so much that I would have become a vegetarian, except that I can’t stand vegetables, (Sorry, they are just yucky) but the allure of keeping rats as pet eludes me.

My oldest boy and his wife started it off with two little (for now) rats and now the Bear has leapt onboard and bought a couple of his own. Apparently you should not keep just one rat, I guess they are social and do better in pairs.

He tells me that his first rat is very sweet and friendly, but the second one is have problems settling in. Yesterday she wiggled out of his hands and is LOOSE in his room!

Bear rents a room in an old frat house just off campus of the State University that he is not attending. Does his landlord know that a rat is loose in the building? Do the other people who live there know that a long tailed rodent is slinking about? Not as of last night, and if they do find out he is planing to disavow all knowledge his involvement, although the remaining rat may give him away, or rat him out, if you will pardon the pun.

He took rat number one with him and went out to buy supplies for Operation Rat Trap.


a goldfish bowl


a parakeet ladder,

are you starting to make the connection?

The raspberries will be placed in the goldfish bowl and the parakeet ladder leaned against the lip of the bowl. The fugitive rat will, hopefully, scamper up the ladder, tempted by the sweet raspberries, fall into the goldfish bowl and be unable to get out.

I will call him later to see if it was successful.

For the first time since he moved out I am glad he is not living at home.

How Loml Saved the Day…Again

My husband and I had an argument the other day.It doesnt really matter what it was about or who was right, (that would be me) but my feelings were hurt and I was mad. The day was dark and gloomy and I held on to those hurt and angry feelings all morning long. I went over and over the events in my mind and by the time he finally got out of bed I had work myself up pretty good.

Good morning you just opened your eyes and your wife is really ticked at you! I am surprised that he did not go right back to bed.

Now Loml has really crumby people skills. Some how he never knows the right thing to say in these situations and I just get more and more wound up and eventually (I am sorry to say) become some what unreasonable. At that point he makes a quick retreat and I fume until I wear myself out and finally give it up, still somewhat frustrated with him and probably very ashamed of things I have said to him.

I went out to run of a couple errands and when I got back I was ready for round three, but what I found when I came through the door stopped me in my tracks.

My Loml has no skill with words but he knows the right things to do when the chips are down.

You can not stay mad at a man with roses and chocolates.