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Sorry to be Gone So Long

I have been having a hard time finding my place. Getting back to any kind of routine. I think once the kids get back to school things will get better.

I started having a lot of pain in my shoulder. I thought it was bursitis, I have had that before, but oh no, it could be something has simple has that, of course it is another tumor! (My joke about turning into a big tumor is not funny anymore!) I have a bone scan next week to look for more. Woo hoo, just what I want to be doing!

However, my chemo is doing great and must be working, even on the tumor in my shoulder. I don’t even feel it any more. I love the days when I don’t hurt!

We went to a little party last night. I decide to start a ‘Say “No!” to Bad Hair Days’ campaign and wore one of my wigs.I looked great. This morning my hair does not look as bad, just a bunch curls. It would be okay if it was a little thicker, but of course it is falling out, so it get thinner by the day. I probably need to talk to a stylist and find out how to wear and care for thin curly hair. I know it is only hair and should not matter at all in the grand schem of things, but when you look in the mirror and someone you don’t know is looking back at you, it is disconcerting.

I am working on being more positive about some of things I have been whining about. Mainly my nephrostomy. (A nephrostomy it a tube that goes through the back in to a kindey and drains it externally) I have hated it ever since they put it in. What I need to to instead is regognize that with out it I would probably be out one kidney by now. So hooray for the nephrostomy! (no matter how annoying it is.)