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Lastest Developments

I have developed sacral fractures from the radiation. YUCK! Now I have similar pain as when I first realized I was sick. Not as bad as at the end but still no fun. I am taking something for the pain though and can usually stay on top of it. I go to the orthopedic clinic Monday and we will decide what happens next.

Chemo was all over about a month ago. Still no sign of my hair coming back (except on my legs ) and I have lost the last of my eyebrows and lashes.

I am really NOT enjoying the cancer experience.

At least there is good news as well. I have had my first post chemo scans and there is no cancer at this time.


Random Stuff

Yea! Chemo is finally done. I feel pretty good and I spotted some hair growing back….


Give me a break here, could I not get an eyelash or two before hair on my legs????

I know I should be glad to see hair growing anywhere, I am just a big whiner sometimes.

It is about a year since I first realized something was wrong. I am all done with treatment, it seems so strange. What do I do now? There is nothing I can do to insure my safety (except prayer.) I just have to wait. I have scans again in mid July.

We are (loml and I with the help of two very reluctant children) still trying to get the house whipped into shape. He (Loml) has worked very hard on it lately and I really appreciate it.

I am working a lot of hours with Mrs. Woods, and while I wish I did not have to work, it is such a blessing to work with her. She is one of the finest people I ever known. She can really turn a bad day around for me. A good attitude seems to be contagious.

Mrs. Woods had polio when she was a little girl and has accomplished more in a wheel chair than many able bodied ever do. Post polio has made life more difficult for her, but that is where I come in. I am the arms and the legs for her. She is a busy woman. Some days we work so hard!

So I am keeping busy and feeling pretty good.  I guess I am okay.