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Winter Driving

I am good. Just finished my first week of radiation. If there are going to be any side effects they should not start before the third week so I have at least another two good weeks. Hopefully more.

Thursday I drove through the snow for treament. The last 20 miles we were going just 35 mph on the interstate, little cars like mine were sliding in to the ditch all over the place. I did my treatment and it took me 45 minutes to get off campus, I could have walked faster. there is no way I wanted to drive all the way home (60 miles) like that. I called a friend from church who lives near there and she put me up for the night. How nice. I was able to go for treatment early the next day and head for home.

Now I am free until Monday.

One week down, six to go.




Finally had the first of my 35 radiation treatments. The worst of it is the 45 min. drive up there, once we get to the clinic we are in and out in about 20 mins.

The Dr. believes I will experience some side effects, but not for a of couple weeks yet. I am going to keep working until something happens (hopefully it never does) that makes working too difficult.

Thanks go out to my son and daughter in law for watching the kids during this time. It is a BIG help to me and really cuts down on the stress. Maybe I can could get them to watch my parents also?

Mom and Dad drove me to treatment yesterday and my mom threw a screaming fit at my dad in the parking garage. It was embarrassing and nearly made us late. Mom was fussing at me as we were walking to the clinic, that we should have just gone straight to the door. I kept telling her we had plenty of time when we parked. Plenty of time until you wasted it all screaming at Dad for 10 minutes because he neglected to open your door for you! (but I did NOT say that.)