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Organizing the House…again

To get back to my original focus from last year, I (again) cleaned off the table over the weekend. I should say I sat in the chair and directed the clearing of the table. It is hard to do anything by myself using crutches. 🙂 We also organized some book shelves and donated or tossed a bunch of stuff. I am so proud of us!

I redid my computer desktop using this wallpaper. I also added post-it notes lite, to cover to do list and such, and now I have a wonderful organized desktop. It takes so little to make me happy.

Tonight I am going to, with the help of my favorite helper monkey, Coder, going to put together a computer out of old parts. I am going to hook it to the TV so we can watch Netflix and other online contact on the TV.


I want to start over!

First the good news, all is well on the cancer front I am still no sign of cancer. I however have the lovely sacral fractures, that are not getting any better. I now question whether or not they were caused by radiation or maybe from the Lovenox shots I take every day.

A scan from last year showed I had ostiopina (sp,) so maybe this was coming regardless; it would have been nice if someone had told me…I could have been addressing it all along.

I am now on crutches for the next 8 weeks. Crutches seem to come in only one kind, (at least the one my insurance covers,) UGLY! I know that is a stupid thing, but my hair is coming back but it is now thin and mouse  colored, not mousy brown which I could deal with, but an ugly grey, it used to be very thick and a mahogany color. (if it stays thin like this I will keep it very short and just wear my wigs.) Now I get to hobble around on ugly crutches too. 😦

I am thinking I will just takes some paint markers and go to town on them. I am waiting for inspiration.

I was doing very strenuous work and it likely contributed to my problems. I am probably never going be able to do my job at the level I was before.

I am feeling pretty discouraged. I wish my life had a reset button, so when you get stuck, like some video games, you could hit the button try again.