My pain keeps getting worse, more intense. I do not see endocrinology until later this month, but I am starting to think that something else must be going on. (hopefully not cancer!)

I was just miserable and finally called my doctor Friday. He had me admitted and readjusted all my meds. What a difference! Currently I feel really good most of the time. We also did another MRI and will get together on that later this week.

My doctor is really good about staying on top of things but I forget that my pain is part of the things he want to keep under control. I am sometimes still in that pre-cancer mode, where you just tough it out and feel like a baby if you can’t.

My husband and a close friend are people who have chronic pain with no known cause. It would be so nice for them if someone could help them get the pain under control and find the root of the problem. My cancer diagnosis makes my pain a priority but so many people are suffering!


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