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Probably too Much Information

I really should change this to wanderingrose’s cancer blog shouldn’t I?  It seems sometimes that cancer, and it’s side effects, have taken over my life.

I had scans of my lungs earlier this week they came back clear, (Yea!) but there was something at the edge that the doctor wanted more information on. He could see the top of one kidney and it look swollen. He ordered another scan. They can’t do 2 in one day, something to do with the contrast they use, so I had the great joy of driving over there twice in one week.

The second scan showed the kidney fully and it was backed up. Something further down, where the tumor was originally, is impinging on things. It could be another radiation side effect, or scar tissue or a mass of some sort, at this point we don’t think it is cancer. The urologist put in a stint and sent me home. I am hoping that this accounts for some of the pain I was having but we will see. The stint will have to be replaced every 3 months until we decide on a more permanent solution.



I spent the night in the ER. fever, chills, vomiting. Very yucky. On the bright side, my Mom bought me some new slippers, because something unfortunate happened to my old ones.

It seems I have a full blown kidney infection. Big surprise. Has many UTI’s as I have had since the beginning  of the cancer adventure, it had to happen sooner or latter. Lots of antibiotics now, urologist visit later.

My oncologist say it is not related to the cancer, I am doing very well of that front. I have a CT scan in a couple of weeks. If it turns out well I may get to quit giving myself the shots of blood thinner. Now there is something to look forward to!

I gained back a lot of the weight I lost last year, which annoyed me. What is the point of losing all the weight, just to gain it back? It seemed unfair to me. I thought the weight loss was like a reward, You have cancer-bad news, but you get to be skinny-good news. I did not know about the next part, you gain it back-bad news, but, it is there in case you need it-good news. I have lost about 10 pounds with the kidney infection. So, a little extra weight is a good thing, you might need it if you get sick.  Imagine the poor super model, she does not have 10 pounds to spare.

So over all I am good, better the yesterday. It certainly easier to have a good attitude if you feel good. When I was in the ER mine was really bad.

Lastest Developments

I have developed sacral fractures from the radiation. YUCK! Now I have similar pain as when I first realized I was sick. Not as bad as at the end but still no fun. I am taking something for the pain though and can usually stay on top of it. I go to the orthopedic clinic Monday and we will decide what happens next.

Chemo was all over about a month ago. Still no sign of my hair coming back (except on my legs ) and I have lost the last of my eyebrows and lashes.

I am really NOT enjoying the cancer experience.

At least there is good news as well. I have had my first post chemo scans and there is no cancer at this time.

Random Stuff

Yea! Chemo is finally done. I feel pretty good and I spotted some hair growing back….


Give me a break here, could I not get an eyelash or two before hair on my legs????

I know I should be glad to see hair growing anywhere, I am just a big whiner sometimes.

It is about a year since I first realized something was wrong. I am all done with treatment, it seems so strange. What do I do now? There is nothing I can do to insure my safety (except prayer.) I just have to wait. I have scans again in mid July.

We are (loml and I with the help of two very reluctant children) still trying to get the house whipped into shape. He (Loml) has worked very hard on it lately and I really appreciate it.

I am working a lot of hours with Mrs. Woods, and while I wish I did not have to work, it is such a blessing to work with her. She is one of the finest people I ever known. She can really turn a bad day around for me. A good attitude seems to be contagious.

Mrs. Woods had polio when she was a little girl and has accomplished more in a wheel chair than many able bodied ever do. Post polio has made life more difficult for her, but that is where I come in. I am the arms and the legs for her. She is a busy woman. Some days we work so hard!

So I am keeping busy and feeling pretty good.  I guess I am okay.

Counting Down

Tomorrow I go for chemo. After that I have just one more treatment and then I am done until/unless it comes back again.

Treatment has been pretty easy.  I feel good most of the time. The side effects I had were things I can live with. If everyone who does weekly taxol get off as easy as I did it a pretty impressive treatment.

Next I have tests. Lots and lots of tests every 3 months, but I do not think they will line up right, so it might be more like a pelvic and a consultation next week, a CT scan in June and an MRI in August. Then we repeat the whole thing every three months over and over again, for the next two years. After that the tests are done less often, which I find a little scary, but maybe something will change by then so I am not going to try not lose any sleep over it.

Even though most of the time I feel really good.  I still have moments where I feel that I am doomed, that the cancer is going to come back and next time it will kill me. Sadly it is always a possibility. I do not know if I will ever feel safe again, or even if I should. Angiosarcoma is an awful cancer. It almost always comes back. I have found maybe 3 people who have survived their diagnosis over 5 years.

I have done every thing that can be done and now I have to simply wait and see what happens.

Woo Hoo!

My MRI results are in and my tumor is still not there!!!!

This means I has been cancer free since the beginning of October. 6 months with no cancer and NO pain! 6
months since I last tried to work out a good way to kill myself! Six months since I found out that cancer
was causing everything that was ruining my life.

I am so amazingly happy!

3 more chemo treatment to go and I can settle in to the new normal. I can’t wait.
I have done radiation and now chemo with weekly taxol. So far treatment has basically been a walk in the
park, anything is compared to how I felt before surgery.

I have been VERY blessed! I know this is does not mean that it will never come back  but it is not back now and I will take what I can get!

Lots of Stuff

That is what I am doing here. Getting rid of lots of stuff.

Those of you who are naturally good housekeepers can stop reading now if you want. You may not see how big an accomplishment this is.

So far I have cleared of the table, my desk and my dresser and have been able to keep them cleared off. They look so nice.

Tonight I sorted through a box of junk that was laying around.

Basically I am making some progress, but am moving very slowly.

On the health front I am feeling pretty good. I have an MRI next week which will really let me know where I stand.

Woo Hoo! Four more chemo treatments to go!