It Just Never Ends

We are back from the fabulous Florida trip. I promise more on that in the next couple of days along with great pictures.

Today I went to have scans done and a port put into my chest, to make chemo easier. The port went great, not nearly as bad as I had feared. Isn’t that how it usually goes, anticipating is the worst part.

Then the doctor came in with the scan results and told me I have a blood clot in my lung, only he said a pulmonary embolism and my first thought was that I had an air embolism from my scuba diving at Epcot. I was just sick to my stomach thinking that if Loml found out, would never let me go diving again, but it is a blood clot, not air and has nothing to do with diving. (whew!)

They put me on a blood thinner. I have to give myself (or get Loml to do it,) shots everyday for six months! I hate needles! I was almost crying at the thought of it and the unfairness of the entire situation. One of the nurses hugged me and told me how she knew I could do it. I’ll bet they say that to everyone, but it helps a bit.

Loml and I go back tomorrow to learn how to do give the shots.

I am so sick of this!


3 Responses to “It Just Never Ends”

  1. 1 Kim February 18, 2008 at 8:07 am

    You will be so happy to have the port. It really makes chemo just a little bit easier.

  2. 2 shadowlands1501 February 18, 2008 at 9:48 am

    I know this is frightening…but hopefully, you will get to therapeutic level, it is measured by a blood test and it needs to be at 2.0, then you can stop taking the shots. Normally, it doesn’t take 6 months. After you get to the correct level, you can take pills that will keep you blood thin. The blood clots are common when you have had any type of abdominal surgery…and clots do go away. They just don’t want the clot to travel anywhere else…
    A couple of tricks about needles…Don’t look!!!. I am one who has to look, but I don’t move so they only have to stick me once…The other thing is to try and relax the muscle or arm. Sometimes, it is according to location, you can wiggle your fingers and that prevents the muscles from tightening up. If it is in your hip, wiggle your toes…that keeps the hip muscles from tightening…these will have to be in the stomach and your hubby may have to give them to you. The needles are tiny and you don’t feel it as much as the ones you have seen before…
    I know that this feels like a lot, but with the port everything is much easier and, within a short time, you will be a pro at all of this….
    I will be praying….Rose, you are doing good in light of everything. I suspect you have many folks that will come to need your smile and your humor as you meet them a long the way…As a friend of mine says on…”Spirits UP”

  3. 3 BallerinaGurl February 22, 2008 at 6:21 am

    I have not been a recipent of full blown cancer but several times on the PRE level. You are so amazing to me in your strength. In the simple times I have had issue I was scared like crazy. My mother died of it and I have been put as a high risk patient so I am checked a bit too often for my taste. I tend to beleive that there are those of us who are the most strong spiritually and those individuals are given the most challenges in life, however are leaders and strong supporters and fighters of Christ. Not taking away of course from those who are not as challenged but I have wittnessed this many times when I worked at Huntsman Cancer Inst. and there is just that special something that goes without words to cancer patients and their amazing fight in this lifetime.

    You inspire me should I ever be diagnosed and I appreciate your honesty in all situations you experience! I don’t like the rose colored glasses. They scare me more than the reality of situations!

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