My Doctor’s Appointment

One more day of radiation YAY!

I saw the oncologist today.

Originally he wanted me to do Taxol, Avastin and
possibly Dubroxin.

We looked at study that showed the combined treatment
did not seem to be that much more effective. Of course
there was no angiosarcoma study.

I can not do Avastin here, would have to go to Mayo.
Since, a far as we know, I am currently cancer free,
we will save that experience for later if needed.

The current plan is sometime after Disney I will have a port put in (why am I afraid of that?) for them to administer chemo through, and then start chemo using a medication called Taxol.

At some point in there they are also going to do an
MRI of the pelvis and and a CT scan of (I think) the
chest, looking for possible recurrences and metastasis. (who knew I could spell that!)


1 Response to “My Doctor’s Appointment”

  1. 1 shadowlands1501 January 17, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    Rose, a port is one of the best things that you can do if you are going to take chemo. The chemo drugs are terrible on the periphial veins and you will loose them…My husband’s port is the best thing that has happened in all of this treatment. He has terrible veins. In fact, he has not veins now….The port allows so much freedom of the arms. He was sent home with a pump that he had to wear while receiving 5FU for a 24 hour time span. He didn’t worry about pulling out the tubing and he could go about his day with a reasonable expectation being unhampered…Prior to ports, you would have to receive chemo in the hospital…
    I know that it is scary to have to have it implanted, but I think that you will see that it is a real blessing once you get it…

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