Searching for My Inner Ant

I am a grasshopper.

I did not intend to be a grasshopper and I certainly don’t think the world owes me a living! I always thought I would be an ant. Someday I would just get it together, miraculously become organized and join ranks with my fellow ants.

It never happened.

Now that I am messing around trying to get all my ducks in a row, I really wish I was an ant, this stuff should have been done years ago. Instead the winter wind and cold are just around the corner and I am finally realizing that summer can not last forever. Do I have enough time to get everything done? Do I have enough time to still do a few of the fun things I want to do? Should I read a few more books, go scuba diving, and play games with the kids or do I need to spend all my time chasing these stupid ducks?

I am going to prioritize the ducks, kick a few of them out and go scuba diving anyway.

I appreciate the ants. I read books about how to be an ant. I try to emulate the ants, but I am still a grasshopper.

I can only hope that, like in the cartoon, when the time comes, the ants will still want me. 🙂


1 Response to “Searching for My Inner Ant”

  1. 1 shadowlands1501 December 11, 2007 at 12:53 pm

    Hi, its Naomi
    I too am a grasshopper. Or, at least, the report on our life is one of grasshopper more than ant. As our parent’s generation as a guide, we were never to be at this place in life. We were to have a few more years to store up for everything. Winter wasn’t to be this early in our lives. But, like you, the snow started to fly in the last summer early fall of life for our life.
    Don’t worry about not being an ant. Those who love you will not let you be cold and hungry. I know how you feel, because in the hours sitting at the doctor’s offices, these are the thoughts that come to me.
    In the larger picture of things, the grasshopper has its place as well as the ant. Someone has to play the music in the dreary lives of ants and I am sure that you have played the joyful tune in the fabric of your family. (please overlook the mixed metaphors).
    I know this road is frightening. That is why I named my blog, “Walking in the Valley of the Shadow”. It seems that in the world of cancer, especially the world of the very rare and unresearched cancers, everything has a dim light on it and no one can see clearly. We walk it by gathering every tiny bit of information and then go to God, who made us and tell Him our needs and wants. James 1 tells us that if we lack wisdom, ask our Generous God. I stop there because, that is as far as I can go, just asking. You are right to arm yourself with knowledge. No one likes walking without a little light. You are doing good, Rose. You truly are. In fact, I believe that living this way is more how we are to live and that is by walking each day as it comes and that is exactly what you are doing and doing it bravely, I must add.
    I love the old cartoon. It is through these cartons that I developed the love of classical music. What a wonderful gift was given through Walt Disney…
    Just wanted you to know, you are not walking this alone. There are many of us walking this road. We just don’t reach out to each other very much….wonder why?
    Bye for now, Rose…..

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