More Ducks

Today was good, not too cold and the sun was shining. I am not doing so good on gloomy days right now.

My appointment at the University Hospital is set for next Wednesday. They sent me a great packet of information. They have a program that can help me learn to draw my eyebrows back on after they fall out. 🙂 The nurse at the oncologist’s office says I should lose my acrylic nails. WAHHH!!!! I love my nails. I know, I know, the least of my problems.

I went to Gilda’s club today it is really close to my house, I could walk if the weather was nice. They have a great programs, lots of stuff for kids. I am going to a parent orientation next week. There is a support group I want attend and a poetry group I might enjoy. I found out that there is a wig bank here in the local area so I will not look so funny or freeze this winter.

Did a bunch of decluttering today. Thanks to Pammy, for being so ruthless, I can see flat surfaces in at least one room now. I dumped a bunch of things that were over stock from my little book shop. I shut it down last month when the pain was so bad, I just could not keep up with it anymore. Now seems to be a great time to get rid of the things that don’t really matter.


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