Getting My Ducks in a Row (part one of many)

I went back to work for Mrs. Woods today, although I can’t do any heavy lifting till I am all healed from surgery. It was great to spend time with her and to earn a little money.

The events of the last 4 months have created the “perfect storm” financially. We are looking at all the ways we can make more and spend less.  I hope will be able to work during chemo, but who knows.

Even with the new attitude  I have things I have to  do, you know, in case I get hit by a bus or something. 🙂 Much of this is planning I should have already done.

This morning I called  a friend who is a retired mortician. I asked him what a person with little income and no life insurance should do to plan for the inevitable. (It is inevitable at some time, even 30 years from now) He reminded me that as a veteran I can be buried at federal cemetery and there is one almost within site of my house. My benefits there include a plot, a stone and a liner. My friend says that these alone are worth nearly $3000. I want my funeral to be at the church, no cost there, and I am prepared to use my ratty old truck for transport, in a worse case scenario. My luck the truck would stall, and create a massive traffic jam, maybe not a good idea. 🙂

My friend then referred me to a former co worker who can help sort out the  remaining details. I am much relieved that it can be done more inexpensively then I had thought.

Physically I am feel very good. Still waiting for the referral to the University Hospital.  I have a mammogram tomorrow, one more chance to find the primary.


1 Response to “Getting My Ducks in a Row (part one of many)”

  1. 1 Linda October 26, 2007 at 9:45 pm

    Getting the ducks all lined up is something we all should do. I fear that we are so unprepared its scary.
    We have six kids, no insurance and no will.
    We can’t get insurance because every time they do the blood test, it comes back unexceptable. Scary
    I am really glad you are feeling better.
    Still praying for you (((hugs)))

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