Oh, Rats!

Somedays this this whole mother thing really gets me down.

Bear brought two of his rats home with him over Thanksgiving, so I have had a cage full of rats in my house for the last three days.

While Bear was gone last night Coder decided he really wanted to hold a rat.

So he took it it if the cage…

without asking…




After he finally realized he could not catch it, he could not even find it, he comes down here crying and tells me.

I was completely freaked, the very idea that there is a RAT loose in my house makes me crazy.

I cried for nearly an hour. I know I can not sleep with a rat in my house and if the stupid Jack Russell gets it she will tear it up!
I called Loml and Jove (my oldest) and Bear.

The boys came home and finally caught it, but there are NEVER going to any rats (pet or otherwise) in this house again! No matter what! The rats can stay Bears house, go over to Jove’s, go to the Humane Society, I do not care but the boys will NEVER EVER bring a STUPID RAT in my house again!!!


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