I was looking at the cutest advent box at Target the other day, I have been thinking about buying it for a while and there was only one left. It was a little shelf worn so I was looking it over to make sure that there was nothing major wrong with it.

“A little chipped paint, I think I could fix that,” I picked it up and one of the doors dropped inside the box, “not good, but I could fix it, maybe they will give me a discount,” then I opened door # 21 and found where someone had decided to leave their great big wad of gum! “that discount better be REALLY big!”

Well they were willing to mark it down, by $2.50 is not worth it to me.

I still want an advent calender, but am thinking I will make my own.

Here are some ideas I have found.

Here the advent calender consists of an envelope for each day with an activity inside.

This on is made from matchboxes.http


And this one is made using plastic canvas.

The plan I have settled on is a little different, but will work for me.

I am going to buy a small parts chest with 25 drawers, and paint it up cute, I’ll post pictures when it is finished, if it is ever finished.


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