Big Changes

For the last couple years I have working about an hour a day for Mrs. Woods and filling is as her personal assistent when ever anyone goes on vacation, has a family emergancy or what ever.

Next couple of  weeks I was sheduled to fill in several days for a Bea, who is going to Hawaii, but now we have found out that the other woman has developed health problem and has to quit. I have been asked to replace her ongoing. It is only about 20 hours a week, the pay is good, I know the job and Mrs. Woods is a doll, so I am going to take it.

It will mean a regular check every week, instead of wondering whether or not I will get enough service calls to cover what ever Loml’s check does not.

I can still work both my computer business and the book store. I won’t be able to take any of the big corporate jobs that have been my bread and butter this year, but they are not steady, and I never have any idea from one week to the next what I will be doing, so that is okay. I will just keep my personal clients. Any money I make from either business will be above and beyound what we need, so we will be able to start saving instead of just getting by.

I feel good about this, very blessed.


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