When Did I Sign on for This?

Ask me about the counter top project…go ahead, ask me how is going.

Well, let me tell you…today I was once again reminded why I have very little that is worth owning.

I have spent days working my way up from little formica sample chips to a kitchen cart that had been headed for the Goodwill. Didn’t it look great?

I was starting to get really excited about doing the counters. I left the kitchen to give the cart time to dry.

When I went in a short while later disaster had struck. Coder (did I ever mention he is 14!) had decided to help me. He got a hold of my paint brush, sprayed it with an appliance cleaning/shining product that I use, till it was dripping, and painted it on the top of the cart, leaving it a sloppy mess with a deep 18 inch scratch! Of course he lied to me for 1/2 and hour before finally admitting what he had done. After all these years I am supposed to believe that these things occur spontaneously.

Loml thinks we can fix it, but I am so discouraged that I do not know if I even want to risk trying it with the counters now.

Once I cool off a little I may feel better about it but right now I am ready to give up on any home improvement projects.


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