I have been lucky enough to see some spectacular sunsets this year, and luckier still to have photographed them.

So with out futher ado, a few of the great sunsets of 2006!

Sorry about the line in the above photo, I took these with the camera on my Treo and once in while it leave that stupid line, I have no idea why.

This and one above were both taken in June on the way to the drive in to see cars, I was not driving.

Isn’t this an amazing sunset? They explained the “why” of it on the news and I, sadly, can’t find a link to the explanation.

It has something to do with the sun shining through clouds, which we can not see, below the horizon. Oh yeah, I admit I was driving on these two, I promise I will never do that again, but it was so amazing I wanted to save it!


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