You May Have Lived in…

I was sending these to my sister today, about places we have lived. Italy was hard. I had to come a lot up of them myself so, they may apply mostly to us, but I thought I would share.You may have lived in Italy

Pasta, pasta, pasta everyday.

You know what a rice ball really tastes like.

It is impossible for you to talk with your hands in your pockets.

You ask “How much for cash?” when buying but will accept ‘gifts’ in exchange for cash when selling.

If everyone over the age of 55 was under 5′ 5″ and wore nothing but black

Your cheeks were always rosy from being pinched by little old ladies, “Que bella bambina”

When you were growing up, you thought that all wine was red and that it only came in gallon jugs (or really huge bottles in wicker baskets)

You considered the Volkswagen Beetle to be a medium-sized car.

You knew someone who wore a gold chain,cross and horn

You knew there were prizes in the chocolate Easter eggs

You knew that presents come from la Buffana too

Your mother had a big chunk of parmesan on top of the frige

You have ever met a shepherd

You learned to ride your bike on the veranda

You threw food off the veranda for the dog downstairs

…and the little old lady down there whacked him with a stick for eating food that the chickens should have.

You spent your vacation camping in the crater of an active volcano

…or throwing up on the ferry to Capri.

…or in a gondola

…or riding piggyback up the Tower of Pisa.

…or left in the car, sound asleep from taking Dramamine

There were angels looking down at you everywhere you went.

You so get this Italian Cartoon


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