Thoughts on a Sunday

We took Sissy to camp yesterday. This is her first time at a sleep over camp.

She was very excited and while her cabin mates were sobbing and clinging to their parents, Sissy was practically pushing her dad and I into the car. She wanted us to go home and get out of her hair. Ungrateful little wretch!

On the way back we stopped at the cemetery where my father in law is buried. There is a lovely pond near the front gate and I noticed three children,ranging from 4 to 6 in age, playing there as we came in. There were no adults anywhere around. Just three little kids throwing rocks into the pond, chasing ducks, and climbing the waterfall. They were having so much fun. They held hands and wandered from grave to grave, one of them kneeling once in an attitude of prayer. After resting for a time in the shade of a tree they resumed their enjoyment of the pond.

But through it all, I feared for them, what if one of them fell into the pond, so we stayed watching at a distance. I called 911 and told them of my concerns, they told me they would send some one shortly, but no one ever came, I called again and was told that all officers were out on calls and one would be sent as soon as possible, after over half an hour had passed the children left the cemetery and joined up with some teenagers at a nearby apartment complex, they obviously knew one another, so I again called 911 and advised them that the children were no longer at the pond.

I seriously hope that this is not standard operation for our local police department. I would like to think that if my child were in danger that someone would make it a priority. I don’t see in the paper where we inundated with a crime wave or natural disaster Sunday, so I wonder what was given more priority then the life of a child.


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