Raspberries, a Goldfish Bowl and a Parakeet Ladder

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Une Souris

Raspberries, a Goldfish Bowl and a Parakeet Ladder, what do these items have in common? Read on and it all will become clear.

Now I like furry creatures so much that I would have become a vegetarian, except that I can’t stand vegetables, (Sorry, they are just yucky) but the allure of keeping rats as pet eludes me.

My oldest boy and his wife started it off with two little (for now) rats and now the Bear has leapt onboard and bought a couple of his own. Apparently you should not keep just one rat, I guess they are social and do better in pairs.

He tells me that his first rat is very sweet and friendly, but the second one is have problems settling in. Yesterday she wiggled out of his hands and is LOOSE in his room!

Bear rents a room in an old frat house just off campus of the State University that he is not attending. Does his landlord know that a rat is loose in the building? Do the other people who live there know that a long tailed rodent is slinking about? Not as of last night, and if they do find out he is planing to disavow all knowledge his involvement, although the remaining rat may give him away, or rat him out, if you will pardon the pun.

He took rat number one with him and went out to buy supplies for Operation Rat Trap.


a goldfish bowl


a parakeet ladder,

are you starting to make the connection?

The raspberries will be placed in the goldfish bowl and the parakeet ladder leaned against the lip of the bowl. The fugitive rat will, hopefully, scamper up the ladder, tempted by the sweet raspberries, fall into the goldfish bowl and be unable to get out.

I will call him later to see if it was successful.

For the first time since he moved out I am glad he is not living at home.


2 Responses to “Raspberries, a Goldfish Bowl and a Parakeet Ladder”

  1. 1 pammy May 26, 2006 at 6:28 pm

    Too Funny!!!

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