How Loml Saved the Day…Again

My husband and I had an argument the other day.It doesnt really matter what it was about or who was right, (that would be me) but my feelings were hurt and I was mad. The day was dark and gloomy and I held on to those hurt and angry feelings all morning long. I went over and over the events in my mind and by the time he finally got out of bed I had work myself up pretty good.

Good morning you just opened your eyes and your wife is really ticked at you! I am surprised that he did not go right back to bed.

Now Loml has really crumby people skills. Some how he never knows the right thing to say in these situations and I just get more and more wound up and eventually (I am sorry to say) become some what unreasonable. At that point he makes a quick retreat and I fume until I wear myself out and finally give it up, still somewhat frustrated with him and probably very ashamed of things I have said to him.

I went out to run of a couple errands and when I got back I was ready for round three, but what I found when I came through the door stopped me in my tracks.

My Loml has no skill with words but he knows the right things to do when the chips are down.

You can not stay mad at a man with roses and chocolates.


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