And the Project of the Day is…..

At last the sun is shining! I am enjoying the beautiful day.

In addition to trying to keep up the little bit of progress I have made, my focus lately has been on meal planning.

I drew up a menu for the remainder of the month and took it with me when I went grocery shopping.

It is so nice not to be standing in the kitchen at 5:00 pm desperately trying to think of what I am going to fix for dinner. Anyone for Ramen noodles again?

I would like to have a computer program that would generate the menus for me, but everything I have found is either
a.) too expensive
b.) does not have the features I want
c.) is too complicated (I have found that, if something is not easy to use, I am unlikely to use it)
d.) just plain does not work

In frustration I am resorting to to dusting off my feeble coding skills and making my own program.

That should give me something to do when I should be doing other things.

By the time I am done I am sure I will see that buying on of the more expensive programs was not such a bad idea.


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