Saturday Night with Sissy and Coder

I am so tired. Sissy has been up since sometime around 5 am and woke me up every 15 minutes until I finally got up with her. I dont understand why she does this, somedays she sleep so soundly a brass band could play in her room and she would keep snoring, but the one day that I can sleep in for awhile, she gets up before the sun.

Sissy is not having a good evening, she is restless and confrontational, probably sleep deprived. She and Coder have fought about everything and I am tired of it. I want to run away from home.

I have never understood why Coder has to argue with Sissy all the time. He knows her limitations and that it is not worth arguing with her but he does it any way. I sometimes think he enjoys it. However she is as bad about as he is and she will even argue with the dog.

They have pushed me to the limit tonight and while this is not the worst Saturday we have ever spent, it is the worst in a long time. I am mad, I am tired of yelling, a waste of effort if there ever was one, and if I have to listen to the Back Street Boys one more time I really will lose it.

Coder has finally retreated to his room and Sissy is now playing the same scene from Ella Enchanted, over and over and over and …you know what I mean.

Loml will be home in about half an hour and everything will be better. They listen better to him, I think because he is big gruff and scary but what ever the reason life is better, and the odds a little more in my favor when he is home. At least I am not calling him, crying and begging him to come home, don’t laugh, it has happened before.

He will get home and I will at long last go back to bed.

What a way to spend a day.


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