Reflections on Agency

Now that half of my children are grown I sometimes find it difficult to let them make their own choices. Not that I have a choice in this, I can not make their choices for them and they do not always respond to my advice with “Why, your right Mother. I don’t know why I did not see that way before, Of course I will do it exactly the way you want.”

As the older boys are not even living at home I can no longer pull out my old stand by, “These are the rules in our house, as long as you live here you will follow them.”

Of course, I will speak up if I think they are really wrong, but beyond that I must sit quietly by and let them make their choices and suffer the consequences of it, or reap the rewards as the case maybe.

Sometimes I worry for them, driving home late at night, not as active in church as I think they should be, working too hard, eating too much, hanging out with people whose character I question.

With all this in mind I reflect on how our Heavenly Father may feel at the times when we rebel against he laws and teachings.

With all the power of the universe at His command, He still allows us to learn and grow, to make our choices and to learn from our mistakes. He counsels us, speaks to us through prophets and scripture, gives us revelation through the Holy Ghost, but ultimately it is up to each of us to decide what we will do with our lives, and one of the greatest gifts God has given us, our agency.

I can not deny this same agency to my adult children, even if it were in my power to do so. I can tell them what I believe to be right and I can pray for them but after all is said and done what they will make of their lives is up to them.


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