Of Shoes and Web Filters


I bought a couple of pairs of Dansko shoes last year when I received a minor windfall. (I was good, I paid bills with most of it.) Because they are incredibly expensive, I had to promise Loml afterward that I was not going to be buy shoes for a long time, years. They are also the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and I am so hooked.

So no one was more thrilled then me when I found a pair of Dansko shoes at the Goodwill store yesterday! They were less then $5, so of course I had to have them and Loml can’t be upset because I saved a bundle.

Web Filters
I use a web filter for the same reason I watch so little TV, I have kids and also I do not want to continually have my senses bombarded with garbage. so why does the Dansko page showing my sandals trip my web filter? Well, that would be because my shoes are named Lolita, and the web filter flips out when it sees that name eight times on one page. 🙂 What a shame that a perfectly acceptable name, *cough* Monica *cough* can absolutely be ruined because of the notoriety of one person (or character) holding it.


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