Over Used Word of the Day “Suffering”

If I hear one more person say that they are suffering because of the price of gas, I will just scream, even if I am in public at the gas pumps, I will absolutely scream out loud. I am so sick of hearing this word used in such a trivial way.

There are people in this world who actually are suffering with pain and diseases, with poverty and hunger, and for me to say that the inconvenience of the current price of gasoline constitutes suffering is an insult to these people and diminishes the strength they must show in all they endure.

I dont personally know anyone who lives on a smaller income then we do and if we can do this I dont see what the big stink is about. I am still able to pay my bills and feed my family. I admit I have made some changes to try keep our cost down. I spent most of the Iowa winter with the thermostat set at 62, and I am grateful that it was relatively mild.  I am putting a basket on my bike so I can bike to the store, but I was planning to do this anyway because I need the exercise. None of these changes created true suffering in my house.

Obviously I wish that the prices were lower but I refuse to curl up into a ball and start whining about it.  I cannot control the price of gas but I can control how I will react to it.

I am not suffering.


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