Am I the only one this stuff happens to?

The following is a true story only the names have been changed to add to the confusion.

I ran into a woman in the grocery store yesterday,

She comes up to me and for a moment I thought she was going to hug me, but she just put a friendly hand on my arm, and said, "Hi! How are you? Sue, right?"

I answered "No," and corrected her on the name, at this point people usually realize they have mistaken me for Sue, who ever she is, she must look just like me, 'cause she I get this ALL the time! Once my father saw her out somewhere and he thought she was me! I have never meet her but I always wonder if people that know me walk up to her and just start talking to her thinking she is me.

But the woman in the store still thinks she knows me, and tells me she is Jane Smith. "Great," I think "I not only feel stupid, I must look stupid too! Jane Smith, who is Jane Smith?"

She then starts telling me all the things her son has been up to, at least I think he was her son, maybe she was talking about her husband.

I give her a run down on each of my kids, but all the time I am thinking "Who the heck is this woman??," and we finally part ways.

I still have NO CLUE who she is! I was scared she was one of my clients but I have gone through my address book and cant find her, maybe someone from the homeschool group I used to belong to, the mother of a friend of one of the boys…, I just have no idea.

Maybe she is really someone Sue knows very casually and she is going to be very confused the next time they run into each other.


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