Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

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This school year has been a bit of a shock for Sissy. Okay, maybe more of a shock for me. Nothing seems to really phase Sissy.

In the past she has always been one of the higher functioning kids in her class, but in high school this has not been the case. Where Sissy is, maturity wise, on a five or six year old level, most of the other kids in her class are operating at 12, it is perpetual junior high in there.

Lately they seem to have banded together in a little special-ed goth click. There is something disturbing about seeing these sweet young people become what they think the world is telling them to be.

Many of these kids have known her since grade school but now they are constantly make mean comments to her and about her. I know because they do it right in front of me. Their teacher tries to keep things under control, I don’t think they would do it in front of her, but because they do not see me has having any power (and I don’t) they make all the snide little comments and jokes they want.

When I was younger, before mental disabilities became part of my everyday life, I enjoyed a book called “Flowers for Algernon.” This whole situation reminds me of Charley and how he thought his coworkers were his friends but really he was always the butt of the joke and just did not know it.

I realize that this is bothering me more then anyone else. It all goes right over Sissy’s head, she is clueless and perhaps that is a blessing.


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