Life, on my own Terms

By the time I left my last job I had become so depressed and cried much of the time. I had tried everything I could to make the job work, but if you complain enough about conditions and no one does anything to improve them, you lose your credibility, even though your complaints are valid. After three years I had become the corporate whiner. I was starting to think that that was who I really was.

So I quit the job, even though we could not afford it. It paid very well and giving up that income was very frightening.

Since then I have started two small businesses, a computer support business and a used book store. I also do work for a lady at my church, about 30 minutes a day. I set of the computer support calls for when the kids are at school, and the book store is actually a booth in a craft mall so I just go in and restock once in a while. The book store brings in almost nothing but I get a lot of computer business out of there, I guess it is mostly cheap advertising. I am probably working less then 20 hours a week outside the house.

I love being able to do what I want when I want and not having anyone hiding my tools, or sabotaging my equipment. I can put my home and family first where they should have always been.

I am so grateful that I was given the strength to finally actually do what I wanted and to see that financially we are still okay, sometimes just barely, but we are okay and I am not a whiner!


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