Housekeeping Success

I have now kept my dining table cleared off for 2 1/2 months, that is a record for me. I am so proud of myself! My desk has been neat for 2 months and the dishes get done every night. For those of you who are organized this is nothing, but for me it is amazing.

I have tried so many times to get my house together. I have even pulled it off a couple of times but it never has lasted. I have read countless organizing books, and surfed to every homemaking web site I can find. I had begun to doubt that anyone ever pulled it off, not when their house was as bad has mine.

Then as I have said in another post, I realized that this is bigger then me, the care and upkeep of my home is a sacred thing, I went to the Highest Authority and asked for help, and He blessed me! It is slow going but it is coming along, one little piece at a time. Each success leads to another step, I just have to keep moving.


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