The Basement

I do not have on of those great basements with a family room, I have a old scary, dark, dusty, full of cobwebs one with a very low ceiling. Creeps me out to go down there, but I have resolved to clean it up and make a useful space out of it. Not a family room, but at least a place I can take my kids during a tornado and still be comfortable, as comfortable as you can be in a creepy basement with two kids during a tornado.

I am friends with a couple that are both in wheelchairs. They are hardly ever in their basement, (it is in a hillside so they can get down there if they have to,) but if they need something that is in there they whip out a chart and show me right where is it. I want my basement to be like that.

So today Loml (Love of my life) and I started on it. We are starting at the top of the stairs and working our way down. I cleaned off two shelves and threw away stuff that has been sitting there taking up space since we moved in 9 years ago. Then we took all the junk that I need in the kitchen but have no place for, and the junk that he THINKS he needs in the kitchen but I don’t want there and put it on the shelves.

The things we are most likely to need are the closest to the door, this is probably an obvious thing to most people but for an organizationally disfunctional one like me learning that little trick was momentous!

Now if I manage to make use of whats in there and dust once in while it should stay nice.
I did not take any before pictures, but here is the after.

Basement Shelves

Next week, the stairs! 🙂


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