Look Ma, No Strings!

Look Ma, No Strings!

My perfect apron came today. I ordered it from Kitchenwears. It is very uniquiqe, it hangs closed at the back and has no strings. Now I can wear what ever I want and not worry about getting anything on it when I am working around the house.

Aprons have been out of favor for a long time, but they still very useful. In the past becuase clothing was much more expensive, a woman wore an apron most of the day, to protect her investment.

When my mother was a child she had only three sets of clothing, a school dress, play clothes and dress for sunday. She had to take care of them they were all she had. The closets here are overflowing. Most of it is second have or bought on clearance but it sure adds up.

We live in a time of such abundance that I think we do not always appreciate it. Even though we have plenty we should not be wasteful of it.

I am going to try to be more attentive to the things I have and make good use of all my resources.


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